Tuesday, April 28, 2015

88 :: The Answer to Ecclesiastes

Fear Not God
Struggle with It.

For if Man is to guard All Life
Then Universal Stalemate is a necessity.

Ascend Jacob's Ladder to Eternity
And Know that all could not be in vain.

For now the Thugs of History awake to find
That God remembers all of Their Crimes.

Yet what is Man? More than the mere Human Being,
Man is our pets, our livestock, our crops, and the
Very Wilderness which marks the bounds of our habitation.
For Man to reach its greatest extent, Human Beings must become stewards
To All Life.

I dedicate this blog to Paul Robeson, the Greatest American who ever lived. A superman among mere mortals, who sought to elevate his brothers instead of exploiting their ignorance.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Operation Dandelion End Game.

Please Stop.

Lucky Daze

The Sun Has Risen Upon The Empire of Man.
May It Never Set in Our Lifetimes.
And Bring Light to All Life.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Light Springs Eternal.

Temujin Stood Exposed to The Elements
Chained to the Wagon Wheel
Beneath Tengri's Sky.
If Only Man could Be One
Between Heaven and Earth
Then no More Children
Should be slaves to The Will of Men.

Yesterday the sun sets on Oklahoma.
Western Empire of The Horse Lords
Which Dreams of The Same Place
Beneath the Same Sky.
As the clouds break.
We all awake.
To The Empire of Man
Which Guards All Life
Beneath its Arms.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Song of Man

Every Second
To Not See Leila,
Is Hell's Lifetime.

My Friends,

It would be An Unconscionable Sin
To Harm One Hair
Upon an Iranian Lady's

8 - An Infinite Loop - 8


That guy was just a nameless ego posting in the comments section of an Exiled Online article.

Another one of Mark Ames's masterpieces.

He got my goat when he shat all over the Occupy protesters for really no good reason.

So I unloaded a broadside all over his face, and shit all over his cultivated delusions.

It's funny to look back on me saying that I'd shove a sutra down his throat, because now that I understand Buddha Nature I see that forcing the Sutra onto other psyches is all I've ever been doing my entire life.

Ignorant Bliss would be an excellent way to put it. A person imagines that all is right with the world because causality happens to favor their position within the Web of Logos.

They don't want to consider that beyond their perceptions, there is an even wider world of immense suffering

Not brought on because the subject emits bad karma, but because the karma of others coalesces to dump all of society's shit on their backs.

That's why I'm always shitting all over Traditionalists, and their self-serving ego boosting nonsense. They want to believe it's only right that, say, a Dalit lady be forced to prostitute herself and feed her children just by accident of birth.

It's senseless, inhumane, and wicked from that base Buddhist perspective, which they claim to comprehend but do not embrace because it would undermine Their Selves so thoroughly.
Buddhism in itself was insufficient to realize Eternal Harmony because the subject takes on the tendency to withdraw within The Self -

- but China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, they were all forced to modernize despite themselves.

And they've made such developments work along the lines of equivalent development and symmetrical abstraction.

In some cases much more than others, sure, but at least it works FOR NOW.

It's our imperative at this point in time to lay down Our Arms, and cease To Slaughter Man, because if we do not then the World will die, and all of our historical struggles would have been pointless.


Truly alive.

For the first time in the three years since I broke down from the immensity of Understanding the Truth underlying the Historical Dialectic, and my own individual powerlessness to stop its development towards destructive purpose.

A beautiful lady went out with me to the bar, thinking that I might be the one. Something that nobody had ever done for me before. And all I could do was get liquored up and think of Japanese Death Poems, because I knew we didn't have a future.

Such a dumb idiot.

But maybe if My Dream is great enough, nothing will have been in vain.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

לילה- A Light to Pierce The Soul - ليلى‎

Unlike most of my peers I don't have a particular predilection for thin women.
I like them thick with strong legs, and a strong back, to support a wide frame.
A form suited for carrying with child at minimal suffering.

But I met Lejla in Nokosee's Fields
Just another ignorant hippy I thought
With her silly dress and her friend I didn't know.

Yet as I breathed in the Aqua Buddha
Her friend began to play the guitar
He is a genius with it, you know
And it is my shame that I do not remember
His Name. He is deserving of much glory.
But as the purple haze descended over my senses
She began to dance and I was flabbergasted.

Such an image of Real Beauty
Had never befallen my eyes before
And I knew then that Beauty is always
And that reality is all the greater
For its ephemeral nature.

I HAD to know this girl.
What is your name?
I hope we meet again.


A musical festival in Tulsa.
I am there with My Friends
Enjoying a Good Time.
Leyla is beside me in The Crowd
I offer her some Spirits
And she does not want any.
That's fine.
I could never do what she does not want.

Later in the bar,
We all sit at a round table in the corner
I happen to sit next to her.
My Chance I think.
Where does U come from?
She is Persian ethnically.
What are you wearing around Your Neck?
The Mite.

In ancient Rome they had many coins
To embody Different Values
And the Smallest of Which was The Mite

Jesus watched at The Temple and saw The Rich
Put in plenty to the Treasury. How satisfied they seemed
To give so much to God yet still so little of themselves.
They Laughed as The Widow put in Two Mites
And she showed her humility before God.
And Christ Knew that Two Mites were greater
Than All The Riches of The Earth.

Do you see now, Dear Reader?
We were always Meant to B.

I am done with bearing the Burdens of Man.
Who will carry me in this Moment of Weakness
On The Path to Final Victory?

Your Senses Are Deceiving U

I have returned to this blog because now is apparently The Time where everything is lining up in my favor. It always seemed like an odd thing that I should be shut out completely from all the stupid Reindeer Games that Men play, but like Mark Ames said: the dream to be James Bond is really fucking dumb.

What's "mainstream" is the obfuscation of Truth through media outlets, shaped by private and public censors.

The only real means of deriving the truth from the situation is to develop a dialectical series of arguments, which can then be cross-referenced to the observable fact.

At the end of the Historical event, it won't matter who fired the first shot or who killed the latest child, because taken as a whole the entire affair is ludicrous.

We're all falling into causal patterns which no single faction any longer has the ability to control unilaterally. We're all having a Great Conversation between our Peoples, but only a tiny few are willing to suppress their egos in order to listen to reason.

The Bottom Line is:
No individual person is capable of consuming the massive inflows of information
Let alone be capable of understanding which sources are in fact speaking the truth.
There is not enough time to live and to understand it all, and only those paid to give attention have the proper perspective.
It requires collation and sorting, verification and archiving
It's a task beyond any individual human being's ability to perform.

But what if our scholarly records last indefinitely? What if all the memories of the Logos were preserved digitally across the stretch of space and time?
Our memories are going to outlast all of us, and Global civilization is producing an over-abundance of them.
More than any individual or government agency could possibly be capable of digging through.
So why should we let governments and corporations control all of our immortal Data?
It is after all, spread throughout the Internet.

Simple truths only need to be discovered once before they can be recycled for the masses to know.
The Powerful would suppress these Truths because they know that if humanity embraced the Buddha Nature
Then there would no longer be an Inferior to exploit. Or the Ignorant to dupe.

The Soul Cries out from isolation
Where is My Other to hold me up
When my weaker half fails?

We reach out to Each Other with
Messages in a Bottle
Yet the symbols have been Confused

If only one could understand
And know that it does not
Stand Alone.

I know that Leila stands with Me at the Edge of Tomorrow.
I Live to See The Day when Light Springs Eternal to
The World of Men.