Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poodle Power!

Adam Curtis posted a comprehensive tale of Post-Soviet politics which includes an accurate portrayal of a personal hero of mine: Eduard Limonov.  Limonov is a personal hero of mine, not just for being an avant-garde political figure but for being 100% correct about post-Soviet Russia, and being willing to take the arrests to prove it.  What's he so right about?  Adam Curtis puts it like this:
he in turn sees western liberals as fools who have been duped, and are really the unwitting agents of a corrupt economic global elite. Limonov believes that the only way to confront that corruption is to harness a force that appeals to the mass of the people.
But where Limonov utilizes punk & nationalism, Americans have neither of those things.  Oh sure, we have a vague sense of nation but it's not in our blood like the member of your average nation-state.  America is something of a microcosm for the world, with states within a state, each one vying for economic supremacy.  Historically our sense of "Nation" extended to the state border, but those notions were crushed by our Civil War.  We don't have punks anymore, either, they sort of just gave up once it became a fashion statement.

So all we're left to go on is a universal commitment to Capitalism.  The United States is the capitalist dream played out in its entirety, for good or ill (mostly ill), and damned if we'll give that up... right?

We certainly won't even act socialist, even as the Republican Samson brings the temple down around our heads.  All because people can't read the signs.  They're not paying attention, and why should they?  The Truth is more depressing than most could handle- Hell it's driving me insane!

Truth is, the American Dream is built on slavery.  Not just the historical slave trade whose brutal legacy continues in one form or another, but wage slave labor abroad.  Chinese workers perform 12 hour days for a pittance just to make cool Apple gadgets.  The sidebar notes that one workers' dormitory installed safety nets in order to address a rash of suicides.  On The Dylan Ratigan Show today, Ratigan noted that each panelist owned Apple products and were basically slave employers.  To which half the panel laughed uncomfortably.  LAUGHED!

Well wage slavery is the reality in the United States now.  Real unemployment figures hover between 15% and 20%, with those seeking employment known to be 9.1%.  In this kind of environment bosses can get away with practically anything, and the unfortunate have to grovel for a job.

I applied for a position at Goodwill today which was adverted in the paper.  Some 15 people showed up, all in competition for the same or any spot.  To the left of me in line for interviews is a young lady -more attractive than me I note- who tells me how she lost her last job.  Her schedule slipped under the refrigerator and she called in to be reminded when she would have to work, to which her prick boss freaks out and fires her just for losing the schedule.  She's replaceable after all, any high school graduate could do this shit.  To the right of me is a middle aged gentleman who hasn't seen work in over a year.  He knew of a simple technician spot in Independence, Kansas that they were expecting 10 applicants for - they got 100.

They both needed the work more than I did, but I grinned and acted serious in the interview as if I needed it desperately.  Them's the breaks.  If I don't fight for it, when will I ever get a real job?  Even many of my friends (more attractive than I) have had to work under-the-table for basic wages.  So much for American Dream.

Yet they'll defend Capitalism to the grave, most Americans.  Even when the truth is staring them right in the face.  The terrible secret which lies at the heart of capitalist society: Directed by Banksy...

Asshole.  We could use a Limonov.