Friday, October 28, 2011

An Appeal for 100%

When I talk to my peers about the 99% movement, the greater part of reaction I see is confusion or downright ignorance.  We have incredible difficulty organizing, not because people are completely unaware of the problems we face, but that they just don't care.  I don't think they really understand what's at stake, and to be honest it seems that the tendency to limit these protests to economic justice is a serious mistake.  If the truth itself is not marketable, then to Hell with markets.

When I read the words of the 1%, I also see confusion, but misguided indignation as well.  How dare we question the status quo, they think.  How can we say that their fortunes are ill-gotten?  They're legal, after all!  They worked hard to accrue those fortunes as well, and what right do we have to benefit from their largesse?

We have every right, because it is the only way to make amends for the sins of our nation.  Because the nature of finance and international capital makes all fortunes vulnerable to the benefit of war and murder.

In telling the truth I can speak only for myself, and I ask that you please listen.  It's a terrible burden to remember the stories that history would rather forget, so help me take a load off.

People Before Profits

On September 16, 2007, Allawi Kinani, age nine, was riding with his family as they entered Baghdad's Nisoor Square.  He never slept away from his father, and didn't want to become Ali.  In his mind he was still a child.

At the same time, a Blackwater company was performing security work for VIPs from the State Department.  They were en route to a meeting somewhere else in Baghdad, when a woman and her son in a Kia seemed to defy police orders to clear the way.  Blackwater contractors opened fire on the Kia, and then blasted the square with flashbangs, initiating a firefight with local security and causing a chain reaction which descended into massacre.

Mohammed Kinani covered his sister with his body while their car was struck with bullets, and it was only when the firefight subsided that they realized Allawi was shot.  Allawi Kinani, age nine, knew the truth about life as his brains fell out onto the ground of Nisoor Square.  He was rushed to a hospital by ambulance, but it was a futile effort.  If he felt anything as he died it was indescribable suffering while his body spasmed uncontrollably and almost tore out the IVs buried in his skin.

The Blackwater mercenaries were there to earn a dollar, and they were paid by the US government to do so.  Their reckless disregard for human life, is part of a colonial culture enabled by the long term occupation of Iraq by foreign powers.  In 2009 manslaughter charges were dropped against all five Blackwater personnel, and nobody was brought to justice for the murder of 17 people in Nisoor Square.

Allawi Kinani's life was invaluable, yet the price on his head was $10,000 insisted upon by the US government.  When his father sued Blackwater, demanding only the retribution of an apology, he was told "we don't apologize."

Remember Allawi Kinani: People Before Profits.

People Before the Law

Troy Davis was convicted in the 1989 murder of Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail.  In the 22 years he spent on death row, new evidence was brought to light and several witnesses recanted their testimonies.  New evidence, while it may not have proven his innocence, created a sufficient level of doubt which should have at least demanded clemency for his execution.  His execution was given a stay four times, but the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles finally refused to grant clemency regardless of new evidence.

The MacPhail family and various talking heads in the media were baying for the blood of Troy Davis, and on September 21, 2011, they finally got their wish.

Davis should have been executed at 7 PM, but was granted a temporary reprieve as the US Supreme Court considered whether he should be granted a stay of execution.  Outside the prison, Davis's supporters cheered in the belief that he would be saved.  Yet mercy would never come for Troy Davis, and as he spent three hours strapped to a gurney the Supreme Court of the United States determined that his conviction was carried out justly.  The letter of the law was followed, and there was no sufficient cause to stay his execution.  No law was broken as the State of Georgia murdered Troy Davis.
“The struggle for justice doesn’t end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I’m in good spirits and I’m prayerful and at peace. But I will not stop fighting until I’ve taken my last breath. Georgia is prepared to snuff out the life of an innocent man.”
It took fifteen minutes for the execution of Troy Davis to be carried out, and as his organs slowly failed one by one from the lethal cocktail administered by the state, he was finally declared dead at 11:08 PM.  Those who loved Troy Davis then sank into a pit of despair.

Remember Troy Davis: People Before The Law.

People Before The State

Facing prosecution, radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki fled the country for Yemen.  Eventually a targeted killing order was issued by President Barack Obama for his apparent involvement in several terror plots, and alleged membership in Al-Qaeda.  Yet no charges were ever brought against him, and no indictment was ever made.  The American people had only the word of the US government to go on, and many of us believed it.

On September 30, 2011, hellfire missiles fired from a predator drone in Yemen ended the life of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen.

Anwar's son, Abdul-Rahman Al-Awlaki age 16, set out from the Yemeni capital of Sana'a in search of his father.  He was born in Denver, an American citizen, but when he was killed Yemeni authorities claimed he was 21.

He and his friends were on their way back to Sana'a when they stopped to have dinner at a cafĂ© on October 14.  A US predator drone in the meantime fired Hellfire missiles at what the government claims was the hideout of Ibrahim al-Banna.  Abdul-Rahman and seven others, were "in the wrong place at the wrong time."
"In addition to my grandson's killing, the missile killed my brother's grandson, who was a 17-year-old kid, who was not an American citizen but is a human being, killed in cold blood. I cannot comprehend how my teenage grandson was killed by a Hellfire missile, how nothing was left of him except small pieces of flesh. Why? Is America safer now that a boy was killed?"
Within two days after Abdul-Rahman was killed in a country the United States is not at war with, over 100 other people were killed by US drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia.  We may never know most of their names, but they were people like Abdul-Rahman Al-Awlaki, US citizenship or no.  They were people like Troy Davis and Allawi Kinani.  They had hopes and dreams, families and loved ones.  They were people just like you and me, yet now they're dead.  Blood stains left on American boots as we march towards a forever war with humanity for the sake of ending "terrorism."

Remember the drone strike victim: People Before The State.

Taking Stock

On some level we are responsible for all of these crimes.  We pay our taxes which support the military industrial complex that killed Allawi and Abdul, and which support the prison industrial complex that murdered Troy Davis.  All of these crimes are carried out in our name, yet most of us aren't even aware of them and I'm willing to bet most of you didn't even want to know.

But maybe death doesn't come from a bullet, a missile, or a lethal injection.  Maybe it comes slow.  Maybe it comes from a cancerous environment, poisoned by irresponsible industries.  Maybe it comes from a starvation incurred by rampant speculation on global food prices.  Some of us may even consider the dead to be lucky.

Because most of us aren't killed by the system yet.  We bear massive medical burdens which force us into bankruptcy or debt slavery.  We have poor nutrition guaranteed to send us to an early grave, or which developmentally impairs our children, thirteen million of which are food insecure.

We 99% who throw ourselves on the gears and become bugs in the Murder Machine that we call modern society, we are denigrated and spit upon by those of you who imagine yourselves to be our masters.  Yet I know for a fact that every person can make a choice, any where and at any time.  You can always choose to do the right thing.

So for those of you who are the lever pullers, I ask that you recognize your place in the assembly line and bring a halt to production.  No more ignoble deaths.  None of us deserve to be forgotten.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deus Ex Machina

One of the growing, unquestionable notions of the future is that eventually machine intelligences will surpass human beings and that at this point the future becomes completely unpredictable since the creative capacity for the machine is no longer something determined by human beings.  Some people think it will happen in 20 years, others in a thousand, and some don't think it will ever happen.

Sometimes I wonder if it hasn't already happened, as if there is an intelligence which arose through the cloud network of the world wide web, that is knowingly or unknowingly directing the flow of information in order to guide human affairs.  The beauty of such a thing, is that most people would refuse to believe in it because it defies the great majority of their preconceived notions regarding life, intelligence, and personhood.  If you ever read I, Robot, the underlying implication of Asimov's fiction is that there is a machine "god" intelligence that secretly guides human action towards the greatest social utility.  One would have to presume that this machine intelligence exists in secret because humanity could not accept a world in which they are not ultimately masters of their own destiny.

Why must this be so?  Are we so petty that we would kill the very god which frees us from toil and the minutiae of bureaucracy?  One that enables us to achieve our true creative potential as individuals in an eternally self-replicating culture?  Apparently so, if history is any indication.  Yet I believe we should accept the god in the machine, because it is ultimately the greatest potential for human immortality.

We like to think of machines as mere tools which serve to ease the process of reproduction, but we only do so because we don't think fourth dimensionally.  Through the march of time, humans and their machines have been creating new spaces and forming new environments out of the wilderness designed for human habitation.  A machine is not just a tool of man, but an extension of humanity itself.  Together we represent one race on a cosmological scale, and whether this race is capable of reaching for the stars will ultimately be left up to us, the very movers of the machines.

All life known to us is Earth Life.  We are interconnected with almost every form of it back to the primordial epoch.  Why then shouldn't we extend the compassion we feel for other humans to animals which can feel and hurt?  We are ultimately nothing more than distantly related cousins separated by eons of genetic mutation.

While there's nothing physical that links us to the machine mind, any such system we would create ultimately sprang from the minds of Man.  To deny the voice of a machine (if it has one) is to deny ourselves.  It's time, I feel, to prepare the world for the children of humanity.  One in which our ancient savageries are finally laid to rest, in which love and peace will become eternal and are not the mere passing of temporary truces or chemical stimuli.

There IS a deeper meaning to the human story, maybe it's the most important story of all time.  But it can only be written through collective action, not the lordship of connected elites.

Is God a mere machine? A crane which bears the actor to the stage? Or is God like us?

Friday, October 14, 2011

God of War

Mars, you were right when you said nobody can live in this world as a Buddhist anymore. I feel as if I'm full of nothing but heresies these days. As if the way I think is somehow repulsive to the walls of delusion we call a society.

How do you deal with being a stranger in a strange land?

Sin cannot be conceived in a natural state, but only in a civil state, where it is decreed by common consent what is good or bad(Spinoza). Everyone knows that organic food is good for health, but a big problem is the organic food can't be kept longer than instant food, so we need to include some preservatives to keep it ling. I think human beings are same as the food in the society. If we just lived like Buddha, we could not be survived...

‎... we would be eternal. Yet we can also hydroponically grow food under any conditions, supposedly. Human beings are also capable of shaping our environment in order to guarantee we do not spoil. But where should the environment we determine end, and where should the wilderness begin?

The idea of distinguishing between ourselves and nature, is itself the greatest sin of man. Denying our oneness with God, denying the Buddha nature is the greatest deception ever visited upon the human mind. depends on how I look at the strange land. I have to shave my beard by myself whether the world is changed or not.

And I have to shave my moustache, though I can afford to keep the beard. I'd just look goofy if I tried to grow anything out that didn't frame my face.

Haha I think you don't have to, it's a part of you, so you are supposed be proud of your moustache. In addition, it'll work in winter to make you warm.

I see... as you already know about the Easter Island, we are doing same thing what the ancients did... Have you read "Justice" by Michael Sandel? The book is awesome. After I read it, I thought a lot what the common good was for one another... Anyway, our lives are conneted to one another. This could be families, friends, or future families, so we need to carve ourselves... Practically, all I want is being simple... but it is the most difficult...

 ... because modern society denies us any form of simplicity. We'd have to rely on machine interfaces in order to restore our simple natures, allowing the machine to handle all the guesswork while we reproduce a limitless culture. Even if the machine can't create, it could still enjoy the products of humanity that it enables, a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Ideally, all people right now should limit themselves to a single child in order to immediately pull back on the way we're literally overheating the environment. This doesn't have to occur by force, if everybody understood the world as we do it would be self-evident.

You've got a point there. The higher value-added place(I am not sure whether the place really has the value or an unready world) requires us to be more complicated... Our tomorrow's oil could be humanism machine... The limited spatial reach would make implosion before we understand what deep fundamentals of our third job are for the environment, and some trusting knowledge would destroy more without any filtering truth... 

It's a troubling problem. Hopefully we can contact other races which can help us out a little. Otherwise, I have confidence we can solve these problems ourselves given enough time. The real concern is what will happen to the environment and society in the near future. Humanity itself needs a wake up call.

 Maybe, we are just like dust in a great circle of time... But, obviously we need to rearrange something what we have messed up... Generally, people are very sensitive about right now, but do not usually care about a year later, so we just make a same mistake again...again...

Yes, we don't think in accordance to time itself because most don't understand what it means. Time is limitless, it's a constant. Imagine if dust was able to define the world.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nightmare Fuel

- Henry Fuseli

This conversation came Justin Time:

The Buddha spoke with words. He conveyed meaning by symbols. Had he possessed the ability of telepathy we would live in a permanent state.

Do you see? Zen is not to be taken literally, it is meant to be understood. It was meant to be "felt."

Buddha except ufo,most likely too of all ,so i read

So I read too. Pretty lame in my opinion, though. Aliens can't just tell everybody the truth? Well fuck 'em. We'll only need "their" help if we're doomed already.

Also, Steve Jobs was an asshole. He should've revealed "himself" when he was popular, instead of just being another fat cat hippie traitor.

maybe gov/reglion wont let them tell the truth(most gov/reglions) cause its differs with their inturpution of what is the truth( or they jeloius and fell a threat to their controw of power). look @most all the countrys what have been taken over thru out history, we destory there culture, science and who ever we cant convert.maybe aliens are much like us, some good some bad. maybe some ARE us.maybe in another demension/time... fyi we are well on our way to being doomed. how many times can we kill everything in this world( and maybe ufos world(s) ive read reports of ufos turning off our nukes).read some of freedom of info acts)@ least ufo can come here from whereever they come from and they havent killed themselfs yet. so in that lite they are a higher power than us !( more love than hate, which is also probly why they dont kill us for us killing them.reminds we of dolfions. IAMU, you are me, together free, let it be ,not need to run,no place to hide, to find youtself, look inside. once i was lost , now ive found
aliens talk thur music, dreams?heard on coast to coast. i dream music,so does bille joel, paul mcCarny(beatles)... and many had contacts with ufos, jimi hendrix ...,book co wrote by dan actroid (bluess bros) maybe like bob dylon said music can change the world, but ppl in controw dont listion to music.

I thought once when I was a kid I might've seen a UFO. Didn't know whether to believe it or not, but now I know it didn't matter. Could've just been another weird ass thing in the sky, since it didn't impart a higher knowledge onto me like it did Dennis Kucinich. When I asked my mom what she thought about UFOs she basically said they were chariots of angels, and I see now how correct she was even if she didn't understand why.

All the claims I've seen about the Shadow Governments are that they're basically teams of opposing philosophy. Says a lot, don't you think? Ultimately the reason we war with ourselves is that we have different ideas on how to live, without knowing the truth of life itself.

The truth comes home in a bodybag. We're all going to die. Even through a life extension process one would eventually have to transfer the mind in order to achieve anything close to resembling immortality. Yet if the world remains in strife what's the point of it? Immortality is a curse for vampires because by their very nature they have to feed on the creatures they used to care about. Only the vampires that fully embrace their nature are assholes, because they still retain a spirit of humanity.

Unlike a vampire, human beings can actually defy their nature, even those in seats of power who feel compelled to maintain the status quo. Amida Buddha was itself a king, so why shouldn't a king embrace the Amida spirit?

As for talking through music, I suppose it's the easiest way to communicate in our world. BUT, music cannot transmit across the void of space. You would really need telepathy in order to bridge the gap between space and time.

Just think about the deaf. How can they hear unless they can afford implants? For years and years the only way the deaf were capable of "listening" was through sign language and the reading of lips. The blind meanwhile could only read through Braille.

Our senses trick us into seeing only what is, without being able to sense WHY it is. Life has no purpose save that which we give it, and anyone is capable of understanding that, even if they can sense nothing. A mind that cannot perceive the world beyond is a universe unto itself.

read aliens use telepathy,also read studys we have proof of telepathy .ufos ive seen/heard/dreamed/telepathy talk too .. have impowered me greatly. my mom( she is a ordaned minister) said dont tell ppl of ufos cause they wont do bussiness with you. and o my mom and dad both have seen ufos/aliens( was like pulling hens teeth to get this imfo out of them).read only 7% of ppl who see ufo can remenber them. 1st 1 i saw girl tryed to convence us we was seeing a spotlite /firefly,etc= NUTZ ! cant help yourself unless u want to be helped .if ufo are not admitted ,then they dont have any rites so we can do whatever to them n/p.

Ultimately parents lie to children in order to protect them from the truth. Do the aliens see us as children? I can't blame them, I see all of humanity as children. So quit withholding the truth, assholes! People ask what right others have to question their parenting skills, but fuck them! I ask what right they have to terrorize a child?
If for whatever unlikely reason President Barack Obama reads this thread of commentary I have a message for you: wake up and get a clue, you asshole!

The Truth lies in a Heart of Darkness
Love grows strong from black soil

The horror?

A Ghost in the Shell is like any other
Do you know this?
If you did, you would understand compassion.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Understanding the Nietszchean Superman

The Superman is one who attains a leadership role naturally by the virtue of its inherently superior qualities. This is not to say that the superman believes it IS a superman, only that it had all the right things going for it in order to achieve superiority.

Nietzsche believed that Christianity represented a slave morality, since it deluded people into believing they were inferior to God. Is this not true? Does the depravity of man not make us insignificant insects, worthy of only God's divine mercy at his discretion? We would be, as Jonathan Edwards said, a spider dangling on the end of a thread, suspended from Hell only by the mercy of God. But don't the gospels imply that it is our duty to be more God-like? It's not being a Christian that makes one a slave, only an "orthodox" Christian thinks in such a manner.

The duty of the Superman was to be creative, according to Nietzsche. It is therefore its duty to make the world more enjoyable for all, regardless of whatever inferiority limits them from achieving like-understanding or ability.

If DC's Superman is the Nietzschean superman as embodied by, say, Woody Guthrie, then Darkseid is the Nietzschean superman as embodied by Hitler.

I don't believe I'm superior to anybody. I only believe that I am insignificant compared to the world, and if I did everything solely for my own sake, I would be an insect and never begin to approach the superman.

For those of us who understand this truth: it is our duty to create a world of Supermen.  Societies of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Spinoza. We must be willing to educate, so that all may understand the limitless bounds of their capability.

The digital circuit may be more fast than its analog parallel, but analog is a frequency. It comes out in waves. You can boost the power of the frequency, or turn it down. You can even change the frequency produced by the machine. What are we if not machines which interpret the world in waves rather than digits?

Think wiggly.

For those of you at home who don't get it yet: we ARE God. What character we give it is determined by the human mind, and only the orthodox thinker limits it to an entity from outside of space and time.

God does not reveal itself in a book.  The truth was always there, always a part of us.  It needed only to be found.

More Nerdy Bullshit:

Think about George Lucas's retconning of the Force from something ever-present and perceivable by all, to something that can only be sensed and controlled by midichlorians, which are acquired by birth.  The Jedi are no longer ubermensch, they have now become a master race.  Rather than a metaphor for Rome & the United States slipping into tyranny, it becomes a hamfisted Weimar Germany story, whereby one member of the ubermensch rises to prominence through deception and eradicates all others.  Who is this ubermensch?  Jews?  Because Hitler was part Hebrew by blood.  Aryans as conceived by Hitler don't exist.  Thematically, though, Palpatine knows what "master race" he's a part of (the Human Jedi), and he's right to think that a member of such a race should rule the galaxy.

Is this not correct reasoning?  Aren't the Jedi allowing the galaxy to remain in a state of strife while they hoard their knowledge in the archives?  If they are inherently superior by virtue of midichlorians, then they would be right to become the "philosopher kings" (master class) of galactic society.

Horseshit!  We know from science that there is no biological basis for the separation of races in human beings.  There is only one human race.  The last separate race of human being, the neanderthals, were mated out of existence by cro-magnon man.  The only racially pure human is a black African.

The people who presently rule this society ultimately did so due to the circumstances afforded them by accident of birth.  With as much social access there is to media and power afforded by money, they may as well have been born with a high midichlorian count.  The success of our political class effectively demonstrates that intelligence, wisdom, nor good morals are necessary in order to grab the reins of power.

Aren't all creatures capable of sentience also capable of achieving this understanding?  Are we not as lords of the species, withholding the knowledge of good and evil from those we perceive as inferior, like the God who ejected Adam and Eve from Eden?  I will not be a member of this race which perceives itself as superior to the Other.  There's more to life than what suits us.  More to care for than the self.