Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nightmare Fuel

- Henry Fuseli

This conversation came Justin Time:

The Buddha spoke with words. He conveyed meaning by symbols. Had he possessed the ability of telepathy we would live in a permanent state.

Do you see? Zen is not to be taken literally, it is meant to be understood. It was meant to be "felt."

Buddha except ufo,most likely too of all ,so i read

So I read too. Pretty lame in my opinion, though. Aliens can't just tell everybody the truth? Well fuck 'em. We'll only need "their" help if we're doomed already.

Also, Steve Jobs was an asshole. He should've revealed "himself" when he was popular, instead of just being another fat cat hippie traitor.

maybe gov/reglion wont let them tell the truth(most gov/reglions) cause its differs with their inturpution of what is the truth( or they jeloius and fell a threat to their controw of power). look @most all the countrys what have been taken over thru out history, we destory there culture, science and who ever we cant convert.maybe aliens are much like us, some good some bad. maybe some ARE us.maybe in another demension/time... fyi we are well on our way to being doomed. how many times can we kill everything in this world( and maybe ufos world(s) ive read reports of ufos turning off our nukes).read some of freedom of info acts)@ least ufo can come here from whereever they come from and they havent killed themselfs yet. so in that lite they are a higher power than us !( more love than hate, which is also probly why they dont kill us for us killing them.reminds we of dolfions. IAMU, you are me, together free, let it be ,not need to run,no place to hide, to find youtself, look inside. once i was lost , now ive found
aliens talk thur music, dreams?heard on coast to coast. i dream music,so does bille joel, paul mcCarny(beatles)... and many had contacts with ufos, jimi hendrix ...,book co wrote by dan actroid (bluess bros) maybe like bob dylon said music can change the world, but ppl in controw dont listion to music.

I thought once when I was a kid I might've seen a UFO. Didn't know whether to believe it or not, but now I know it didn't matter. Could've just been another weird ass thing in the sky, since it didn't impart a higher knowledge onto me like it did Dennis Kucinich. When I asked my mom what she thought about UFOs she basically said they were chariots of angels, and I see now how correct she was even if she didn't understand why.

All the claims I've seen about the Shadow Governments are that they're basically teams of opposing philosophy. Says a lot, don't you think? Ultimately the reason we war with ourselves is that we have different ideas on how to live, without knowing the truth of life itself.

The truth comes home in a bodybag. We're all going to die. Even through a life extension process one would eventually have to transfer the mind in order to achieve anything close to resembling immortality. Yet if the world remains in strife what's the point of it? Immortality is a curse for vampires because by their very nature they have to feed on the creatures they used to care about. Only the vampires that fully embrace their nature are assholes, because they still retain a spirit of humanity.

Unlike a vampire, human beings can actually defy their nature, even those in seats of power who feel compelled to maintain the status quo. Amida Buddha was itself a king, so why shouldn't a king embrace the Amida spirit?

As for talking through music, I suppose it's the easiest way to communicate in our world. BUT, music cannot transmit across the void of space. You would really need telepathy in order to bridge the gap between space and time.

Just think about the deaf. How can they hear unless they can afford implants? For years and years the only way the deaf were capable of "listening" was through sign language and the reading of lips. The blind meanwhile could only read through Braille.

Our senses trick us into seeing only what is, without being able to sense WHY it is. Life has no purpose save that which we give it, and anyone is capable of understanding that, even if they can sense nothing. A mind that cannot perceive the world beyond is a universe unto itself.

read aliens use telepathy,also read studys we have proof of telepathy .ufos ive seen/heard/dreamed/telepathy talk too .. have impowered me greatly. my mom( she is a ordaned minister) said dont tell ppl of ufos cause they wont do bussiness with you. and o my mom and dad both have seen ufos/aliens( was like pulling hens teeth to get this imfo out of them).read only 7% of ppl who see ufo can remenber them. 1st 1 i saw girl tryed to convence us we was seeing a spotlite /firefly,etc= NUTZ ! cant help yourself unless u want to be helped .if ufo are not admitted ,then they dont have any rites so we can do whatever to them n/p.

Ultimately parents lie to children in order to protect them from the truth. Do the aliens see us as children? I can't blame them, I see all of humanity as children. So quit withholding the truth, assholes! People ask what right others have to question their parenting skills, but fuck them! I ask what right they have to terrorize a child?
If for whatever unlikely reason President Barack Obama reads this thread of commentary I have a message for you: wake up and get a clue, you asshole!

The Truth lies in a Heart of Darkness
Love grows strong from black soil

The horror?

A Ghost in the Shell is like any other
Do you know this?
If you did, you would understand compassion.

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