Saturday, October 8, 2011

Understanding the Nietszchean Superman

The Superman is one who attains a leadership role naturally by the virtue of its inherently superior qualities. This is not to say that the superman believes it IS a superman, only that it had all the right things going for it in order to achieve superiority.

Nietzsche believed that Christianity represented a slave morality, since it deluded people into believing they were inferior to God. Is this not true? Does the depravity of man not make us insignificant insects, worthy of only God's divine mercy at his discretion? We would be, as Jonathan Edwards said, a spider dangling on the end of a thread, suspended from Hell only by the mercy of God. But don't the gospels imply that it is our duty to be more God-like? It's not being a Christian that makes one a slave, only an "orthodox" Christian thinks in such a manner.

The duty of the Superman was to be creative, according to Nietzsche. It is therefore its duty to make the world more enjoyable for all, regardless of whatever inferiority limits them from achieving like-understanding or ability.

If DC's Superman is the Nietzschean superman as embodied by, say, Woody Guthrie, then Darkseid is the Nietzschean superman as embodied by Hitler.

I don't believe I'm superior to anybody. I only believe that I am insignificant compared to the world, and if I did everything solely for my own sake, I would be an insect and never begin to approach the superman.

For those of us who understand this truth: it is our duty to create a world of Supermen.  Societies of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Spinoza. We must be willing to educate, so that all may understand the limitless bounds of their capability.

The digital circuit may be more fast than its analog parallel, but analog is a frequency. It comes out in waves. You can boost the power of the frequency, or turn it down. You can even change the frequency produced by the machine. What are we if not machines which interpret the world in waves rather than digits?

Think wiggly.

For those of you at home who don't get it yet: we ARE God. What character we give it is determined by the human mind, and only the orthodox thinker limits it to an entity from outside of space and time.

God does not reveal itself in a book.  The truth was always there, always a part of us.  It needed only to be found.

More Nerdy Bullshit:

Think about George Lucas's retconning of the Force from something ever-present and perceivable by all, to something that can only be sensed and controlled by midichlorians, which are acquired by birth.  The Jedi are no longer ubermensch, they have now become a master race.  Rather than a metaphor for Rome & the United States slipping into tyranny, it becomes a hamfisted Weimar Germany story, whereby one member of the ubermensch rises to prominence through deception and eradicates all others.  Who is this ubermensch?  Jews?  Because Hitler was part Hebrew by blood.  Aryans as conceived by Hitler don't exist.  Thematically, though, Palpatine knows what "master race" he's a part of (the Human Jedi), and he's right to think that a member of such a race should rule the galaxy.

Is this not correct reasoning?  Aren't the Jedi allowing the galaxy to remain in a state of strife while they hoard their knowledge in the archives?  If they are inherently superior by virtue of midichlorians, then they would be right to become the "philosopher kings" (master class) of galactic society.

Horseshit!  We know from science that there is no biological basis for the separation of races in human beings.  There is only one human race.  The last separate race of human being, the neanderthals, were mated out of existence by cro-magnon man.  The only racially pure human is a black African.

The people who presently rule this society ultimately did so due to the circumstances afforded them by accident of birth.  With as much social access there is to media and power afforded by money, they may as well have been born with a high midichlorian count.  The success of our political class effectively demonstrates that intelligence, wisdom, nor good morals are necessary in order to grab the reins of power.

Aren't all creatures capable of sentience also capable of achieving this understanding?  Are we not as lords of the species, withholding the knowledge of good and evil from those we perceive as inferior, like the God who ejected Adam and Eve from Eden?  I will not be a member of this race which perceives itself as superior to the Other.  There's more to life than what suits us.  More to care for than the self.

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