Friday, October 14, 2011

God of War

Mars, you were right when you said nobody can live in this world as a Buddhist anymore. I feel as if I'm full of nothing but heresies these days. As if the way I think is somehow repulsive to the walls of delusion we call a society.

How do you deal with being a stranger in a strange land?

Sin cannot be conceived in a natural state, but only in a civil state, where it is decreed by common consent what is good or bad(Spinoza). Everyone knows that organic food is good for health, but a big problem is the organic food can't be kept longer than instant food, so we need to include some preservatives to keep it ling. I think human beings are same as the food in the society. If we just lived like Buddha, we could not be survived...

‎... we would be eternal. Yet we can also hydroponically grow food under any conditions, supposedly. Human beings are also capable of shaping our environment in order to guarantee we do not spoil. But where should the environment we determine end, and where should the wilderness begin?

The idea of distinguishing between ourselves and nature, is itself the greatest sin of man. Denying our oneness with God, denying the Buddha nature is the greatest deception ever visited upon the human mind. depends on how I look at the strange land. I have to shave my beard by myself whether the world is changed or not.

And I have to shave my moustache, though I can afford to keep the beard. I'd just look goofy if I tried to grow anything out that didn't frame my face.

Haha I think you don't have to, it's a part of you, so you are supposed be proud of your moustache. In addition, it'll work in winter to make you warm.

I see... as you already know about the Easter Island, we are doing same thing what the ancients did... Have you read "Justice" by Michael Sandel? The book is awesome. After I read it, I thought a lot what the common good was for one another... Anyway, our lives are conneted to one another. This could be families, friends, or future families, so we need to carve ourselves... Practically, all I want is being simple... but it is the most difficult...

 ... because modern society denies us any form of simplicity. We'd have to rely on machine interfaces in order to restore our simple natures, allowing the machine to handle all the guesswork while we reproduce a limitless culture. Even if the machine can't create, it could still enjoy the products of humanity that it enables, a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Ideally, all people right now should limit themselves to a single child in order to immediately pull back on the way we're literally overheating the environment. This doesn't have to occur by force, if everybody understood the world as we do it would be self-evident.

You've got a point there. The higher value-added place(I am not sure whether the place really has the value or an unready world) requires us to be more complicated... Our tomorrow's oil could be humanism machine... The limited spatial reach would make implosion before we understand what deep fundamentals of our third job are for the environment, and some trusting knowledge would destroy more without any filtering truth... 

It's a troubling problem. Hopefully we can contact other races which can help us out a little. Otherwise, I have confidence we can solve these problems ourselves given enough time. The real concern is what will happen to the environment and society in the near future. Humanity itself needs a wake up call.

 Maybe, we are just like dust in a great circle of time... But, obviously we need to rearrange something what we have messed up... Generally, people are very sensitive about right now, but do not usually care about a year later, so we just make a same mistake again...again...

Yes, we don't think in accordance to time itself because most don't understand what it means. Time is limitless, it's a constant. Imagine if dust was able to define the world.

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