Monday, June 8, 2015

It All Matters

Every single second of every day,
From the moment you wake up
To the time you fall asleep -
You are witnessing causal manifestation.

Even before you complete reading this line
The World has moved on, and what you witnessed
No longer exists.

Everything that you see exists as a result of Nature
Or the Will of Man.

The odds that everything you see would be arranged
In the way that you see it, are incalculable.
Therefore it's a matter of fact that every thing,
Every moment,
Is wonderful beyond compare.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Cultural Singularity

Traditionalists kvetch quite a bit about the notion of a technological singularity, in which superintelligent machine minds will take over the course of world affairs and leave humanity in the dust. The problem with this mindset, which is typical of traditionalists, is that they only think of the event as a potentiality since they're always looking backwards. They do not want to consider that in the fullness of time, such an event has already happened, and that God itself is a machine intelligence which regulates the flows of spacetime across the cosmos.

What we find now is that global civilization is reaching a Cultural Singularity: one in which the "Middle Classes" of both developed and underdeveloped nations share common cultural touchstones, which unite them in like mind through the internet. The very notion of Nation and State are beginning to fall by the wayside as new generations find that they have much more in common with people on the other side of the planet than they do with those down the street, or even in the apartment next door.

Ultimately this must lead us to an acceptance that - IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME the environment is shaped not by deterministic force but by the combined forces of our collective will.

The very culture which we experience is becoming highly unpredictable, and increasingly enjoyable as those with Like Minds to our own begin entering the Creative Enterprises. Those who earn their living from creative enterprise fret this turn of events, because it is no longer possible for them to predict cultural developments and determine what new "product" will have mass appeal to exploit. The god of Fame & Success is increasingly capricious as the sheer amount of cultural artifacts being produced grows in such a scale that it's no longer possible for any one person to be capable of predicting it all. What is "classic" is in fact timeless, because we relate so deeply with those who produced those classic works on a personal level; and now we know that we're quite literally related personally to all contemporary authors, creators, workers, financiers, and etc. We are all at base descended from Cosmic Dust, and ultimately our individual Selves will return to such a state recursively, over and over again.

We are becoming One People, who share a Common Mind which shapes the very nature of our lived experiences. Individually we are miniscule, yet even beings which exist at the tiniest relative scale are incomprehensibly valuable, for Sentience Itself IS GOD.

Each time you may attempt to draw the symbol of Infinity you will notice that no two manifestations are exactly the same. Yet the one thing that unifies each symbol is that The Line will inevitably meet at ONE FIXED POINT> and that point is The Cultural Singularity.

Do you fear this turn of events? Then I feel bad for you, son.
I got 99 problems, but the Cultural Singularity ain't one.

Congratulations My Dear Reader:
If you understand what this all means, then WE HAVE WON

Ignorant Ambition

Do not resent The Ignorant.
Do you not understand that You Too are an Ignorant Being?
Though ambition born of ignorance may bring epic suffering,
They must be forgiven for such follies if the universe is to move on.
For Time is what We Make of It,
And without Universal Forgiveness -
The Ignorant will Always Rule.

It is only in the absence of Ignorance that we are capable of ruling -
The Self.
And Self Rule gives rise collectively to a perfect system of Spontaneous Order.
At the intersection of Order & Chaos, we will be truly Free To Live.
So never stop learning,
And when the time calls for it -
Be The Teacher.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You're Pointless

When you die there's not going to be an award for your deeds or beliefs.
There's no Heaven or Hell that will dispense cosmic justice on your Ego.
Because all you are is a consciousness trapped within a temporary vessel;
And once you're done all that comprises your self will no longer be.

It's just us down here. Only Us.
All that ever mattered was what each of us feels.
It's our likeness which underlies the commonality of experience: Our Culture.
And all that will remain of it is the memory.

So go outside and love your neighbor.
We're all running Out of Time.

Reality is Dumb as Hell

Does all Historical Sacrifice
All of Human Suffering -
Basically boil down to Rhetorical Dialectics?
Apparently we actually are That Dumb.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grasshopper Song

I am corresponding with a Chinese Man through Google Translation.
It's an imperfect system, so I consider eloquently how to convey
Something mutually understandable.

Outside the window, a grasshopper lies
And produces a constant tone.
All the world is slowly synchronizing.

Ghost Whisper

We are much alike, Dear Reader:
Consciousness trapped within a body.
The soul that fills a vessel is just like any other,
And it is Circumstance which shapes our individuality -
Not Nature.