Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lord of Pain

I'm just gonna say this and I don't care if anybody believes me: those guys that trashed Oakland are "pigs." It doesn't matter if they were cops, they're agents of the state. Mark my words.  The fact that they waited until NOW to start shit when they never failed to show up at a major demonstration in Oakland before, and at a particular time towards the break of dawn, suggests a coordination that you just aren't going to find among your typical anarchist group.

What do you expect? Its Oakland. These "Occupy Wall St." people are a bunch of idiotic neanderthals. There are very simple everyday solutions they can execute to make progress in their cause. Instead they are laying out like bums in front of banks and business and attempting to cause chaos and act like they are victims. I for one have had nothing but positive outcomes when it comes to the police/law enforcement. The systems for works well in the USA if you allow it to.
I was about to be like, is that a troll? But then I see Bill Clinton inspires you and I realize it isn't.  I also bet you haven't seen any footage or pics of the Occupy demonstrators CLEANING UP after the violence the other day. But why should I expect a grown ass man to read up on anything except pussy?

The System in the USA only works well for connected socialites with stock portfolios and property. Anybody else is either a tool of said system or living off the radar.
I am very well imformed my friend. I read the Wall St Journal, New York Times and The Huffington Post and am an Avid viewer of CNN and FoxNews. Think before you judge buddy. You have no idea what I'm capable of. Its all about peace a love man.
That doesn't tell me you're very well informed at all, it just looks like you swallow corporate and state propaganda unquestioningly, with no time left over for REAL news from alternative sources. If you honestly believe that demonstrators in Oakland are animals then you need to get a damn clue.
You should read my open letter:
Dear Liberals,

Want to know why we're a part of the Occupy Movement? It's because the rich pricks that own your soul are laughing at you all the way to the banks they also own. Now get over yourself, stop asking "what will this accomplish?" and actually go out there to do something. You could do ANYTHING. Just don't keep being such an entitled self-righteous prick while people in this country are literally starving to death, just because actually protesting would take away precious time to watch Grey's Anatomy or whatever other television program you enjoy.
 "Board of Trade" members drop McDonalds applications on Occupy protesters.
Huffpo doesn't even pay their writers, so I doubt they're all that critical of labor practices or the financial oligopoly that Arianna Huffington draws her lifeblood from. You realize they're partly owned by AOL now, right? Ok just checking...

Yes I know all about Arianna, I've meet her a few times. She has some imformative books you might like. Check them out. later man.
The Huffington Post is a great source of alternate sources/writing. Among others. People are poor because they want to be poor and people are rich because they want to be rich, its as simple as that. I actually have nothing to prove to you. I'm not a negative person and don't like negative energy in my space so peace be with you brotha, namasté.

Fuck off with that self-righteous horseshit. You don't know jack about what it means to be a Buddhist, you're just aping conventions that make you feel good, like a kid that tries smoking without understanding what it does. But this is the reaction that we always get from stupid liberals: quit it with that negative energy, maaaan, you're harshing my buzz duuuuuude.

Well tough shit, asshole. The world is a fucked up place and it's the super rich that are ruining what little joy there is for the rest of us. Maybe you'd realize that if you weren't so concerned with your own lifestyle or the system that enables it.

I've actually studied the history and progress of world religion for a year in college and have done extensive research of the practice of many of them. The hatred in your heart wipes out your good intentions man. People are only as little as they make themselves to be. I recommend you read a little Eckhart Tolle he has pretty informative books along with some Real Time with Bill Mahr, his program has an all inclusive bipartisan approach to today's current events. The world is not a fucked up place at all, its people that perceive that way. Have a fun for the rest of your night man. Peace.
The World is a Hell forged by man, and only the privileged are incapable of seeing things that way because the concept of poverty or adversity is as foreign to them as the planet Zebulon. If you actually WERE well read, then you'd understand that "we are our choices" and your choice to look down on protesters while apologizing for the oligarchy makes you my enemy. Deal with it.

This is the kind of stuff you won't see on your "well informed" media.
You just proved my point man. This is typical for your kind. The world is a fucked up place because you want it to be not because it is. You choose negativity instead of positive energy. You choose to argue instead of having an open discussion. You choose to see darkness while I see light, you choose to be my enemy while you are my friend. You will be okay man, all this human chaos you choose to believe in is like a grain of sand in the grand scheme of the universe. You'll see one day. I see you Bradford Carter, I hear You and you are validated.
You chose to be my enemy when you denigrated My People, asshole! Maybe you should open up a fucking dictionary so you'd actually understand what words mean, instead of farting out platitudes about how I only choose negative energy. Whatever the fuck that means. You know what our lords & masters choose? They chose to cluster bomb Iraq while liberal shitheads like yourself wrang their hands and resigned themselves to irrelevancy because all you could do was "choose to see the world as a good place." Well fuck off, because I'm telling you the cold hard truth, brother. This world is a nightmare and I live it every day, because I refuse to ignore the crimes against humanity committed every single day in my name just because it'll make me feel good.

So take that positive energy and shove it right up your ass, because an orgasm is the only thing "positive" you'll ever accomplish today.

We are all human beings my friend, your people are my people. We must work with each other not fight each other. Open your mind a bit to the world of possibilities and anything is possible. Love and Peace Brad
"My people" are apparently idiotic neanderthals. So you'll have to excuse me if this neanderthal wants to pound your skull in. I have been demonstrated to possess a larger brain than a cro-magnon like yourself, so maybe you should trust that I know what's up.
Not sure where name calling is going to get you Brad but I'm far from a "liberal". I was once you about 10 years ago man, but at 28 I've really found my purpose, my passion and my soul. You will get their one day, I have faith you and I believe in you. I see your pain and anger and your bitterness. You will be ok. I'm listening to you and you being here makes you worthy of all things great.
Yeah well I'm 26, and my purpose in life is to drag the anointed like yourself through the mud, so maybe you'll understand for once what it's like to be a victim of The System or society. You can talk a good game about "everyday solutions" without elaborating on what they are at all. Which illustrates the complete lack of knowledge you have concerning the situation, or what it's like to be left with no other recourse than to demand recognition for the fact that one suffers due to forces beyond their control.

If you quote another namasté at me, I'll cram a sutra down your throat just to see how positive your outlook CAN be.
You don't know anything about the world because you've lived in an ivory tower all your life. Cling to your delusions if it'll make you feel better. I'll see you on the battlefield.

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  1. How can one shiteating idiot be simultaneously so smug and so stupid?