Tuesday, April 14, 2015

לילה- A Light to Pierce The Soul - ليلى‎

Unlike most of my peers I don't have a particular predilection for thin women.
I like them thick with strong legs, and a strong back, to support a wide frame.
A form suited for carrying with child at minimal suffering.

But I met Lejla in Nokosee's Fields
Just another ignorant hippy I thought
With her silly dress and her friend I didn't know.

Yet as I breathed in the Aqua Buddha
Her friend began to play the guitar
He is a genius with it, you know
And it is my shame that I do not remember
His Name. He is deserving of much glory.
But as the purple haze descended over my senses
She began to dance and I was flabbergasted.

Such an image of Real Beauty
Had never befallen my eyes before
And I knew then that Beauty is always
And that reality is all the greater
For its ephemeral nature.

I HAD to know this girl.
What is your name?
I hope we meet again.


A musical festival in Tulsa.
I am there with My Friends
Enjoying a Good Time.
Leyla is beside me in The Crowd
I offer her some Spirits
And she does not want any.
That's fine.
I could never do what she does not want.

Later in the bar,
We all sit at a round table in the corner
I happen to sit next to her.
My Chance I think.
Where does U come from?
She is Persian ethnically.
What are you wearing around Your Neck?
The Mite.

In ancient Rome they had many coins
To embody Different Values
And the Smallest of Which was The Mite

Jesus watched at The Temple and saw The Rich
Put in plenty to the Treasury. How satisfied they seemed
To give so much to God yet still so little of themselves.
They Laughed as The Widow put in Two Mites
And she showed her humility before God.
And Christ Knew that Two Mites were greater
Than All The Riches of The Earth.

Do you see now, Dear Reader?
We were always Meant to B.

I am done with bearing the Burdens of Man.
Who will carry me in this Moment of Weakness
On The Path to Final Victory?

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