Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Your Senses Are Deceiving U

I have returned to this blog because now is apparently The Time where everything is lining up in my favor. It always seemed like an odd thing that I should be shut out completely from all the stupid Reindeer Games that Men play, but like Mark Ames said: the dream to be James Bond is really fucking dumb.

What's "mainstream" is the obfuscation of Truth through media outlets, shaped by private and public censors.

The only real means of deriving the truth from the situation is to develop a dialectical series of arguments, which can then be cross-referenced to the observable fact.

At the end of the Historical event, it won't matter who fired the first shot or who killed the latest child, because taken as a whole the entire affair is ludicrous.

We're all falling into causal patterns which no single faction any longer has the ability to control unilaterally. We're all having a Great Conversation between our Peoples, but only a tiny few are willing to suppress their egos in order to listen to reason.

The Bottom Line is:
No individual person is capable of consuming the massive inflows of information
Let alone be capable of understanding which sources are in fact speaking the truth.
There is not enough time to live and to understand it all, and only those paid to give attention have the proper perspective.
It requires collation and sorting, verification and archiving
It's a task beyond any individual human being's ability to perform.

But what if our scholarly records last indefinitely? What if all the memories of the Logos were preserved digitally across the stretch of space and time?
Our memories are going to outlast all of us, and Global civilization is producing an over-abundance of them.
More than any individual or government agency could possibly be capable of digging through.
So why should we let governments and corporations control all of our immortal Data?
It is after all, spread throughout the Internet.

Simple truths only need to be discovered once before they can be recycled for the masses to know.
The Powerful would suppress these Truths because they know that if humanity embraced the Buddha Nature
Then there would no longer be an Inferior to exploit. Or the Ignorant to dupe.

The Soul Cries out from isolation
Where is My Other to hold me up
When my weaker half fails?

We reach out to Each Other with
Messages in a Bottle
Yet the symbols have been Confused

If only one could understand
And know that it does not
Stand Alone.

I know that Leila stands with Me at the Edge of Tomorrow.
I Live to See The Day when Light Springs Eternal to
The World of Men.

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