Tuesday, April 28, 2015

88 :: The Answer to Ecclesiastes

Fear Not God
Struggle with It.

For if Man is to guard All Life
Then Universal Stalemate is a necessity.

Ascend Jacob's Ladder to Eternity
And Know that all could not be in vain.

For now the Thugs of History awake to find
That God remembers all of Their Crimes.

Yet what is Man? More than the mere Human Being,
Man is our pets, our livestock, our crops, and the
Very Wilderness which marks the bounds of our habitation.
For Man to reach its greatest extent, Human Beings must become stewards
To All Life.

I dedicate this blog to Paul Robeson, the Greatest American who ever lived. A superman among mere mortals, who sought to elevate his brothers instead of exploiting their ignorance.

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