Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sing in Monochrome

As we grew in this world, we were told that we were different.  Unique, somehow apart from Others.

That is not the case.

When you were born you knew this sensation: soon I will die.  Yet you were raised up on mother's milk & father's sweat.

Your life was pain, and you were a pain.

Can't you see?  We are all the same thing, we came from the same source.  Only the patterns that form our "selves" are unique.

If you know the source of a pattern, the force that sends out the waves to your senses, then you know others see the same.

It's beautiful don't you think?  That we're all going to die.  For in Death, no man is king, just dead.

Yet in the lives we live, within the patterns of an eternal song, we too can make waves.  We too form patterns weaved into the mesh of reality.

Give your life to others, and the music you will make shall echo across the heavens.

Your Shell is not empty. I know because I could hear your voice in the darkness. I love you.

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