Sunday, November 6, 2011

Memento Mori

Photo by Jari Peltomäki
This is the last thing a rodent sees before it dies.

"Be" the rodent and contemplate death.

Return the memento mori. Modern societies fear death because we've taken it away from a public sphere. Know that in the fullness of time we will all die.
Because you will die, reader. Oh yes. But Sartre said that we are our choices, and he's right you know. When we play the history game, we all lose.

The past influences who you are, but you should not be ruled by the past. Because you CAN choose who you are. Inside. The personality, the soul, whatever. And you can always choose to do the right thing.  Because a personality is what drives your actions.  Do you control it?  Or does it control you?
Because if you're in control of yourself, if you are an "adult," why do you choose to give death to others?  Why choose deception and brutality?  Why deny the rights of another, for any reason?  I can tell you the remedy for this problem: if you choose to do so there will be Hell to pay.

What is Hell?

Imagine being abandoned by God.

Imagine being abandoned by your best friends.

Imagine being abandoned by your family.

Imagine being abandoned by your lover.

Think like another.  You know how to do it.  Feel what they feel, and you'll know the right thing to do at all times in your own life.

We could break from the past, but only if we choose to do so.  Right here, right now.  From the moment you finish reading this sentence:

True Death, is being forgotten.

Have compassion for others, and their memories.  Remember death and know life.

God IS Death.  The no-life which makes room for the new-life.  The thesis to the antithesis.  That which makes the universe eternal, because if there is something, then there must be nothing.

Living things are capable of existing anywhere, in any reality.  What is a living thing?  That thing which controls its own will.  What is a machine if not a non-biological thing which can possess a will in the absence of organics?  Yet a machine intelligence could also get lonely.  Because what new information can it know, without the unpredictability of life?  Without a natural history?  Without social histories?  If God truly "knew" everything, and exactly what would happen at any time, it would be bored.

The world cannot exist without a living thing which can define it.  Man or machine.  There has to be some delay between the knowing subject, and the willing subject, as illustrated by Schopenhauer, or else God would always be bored.

What are we if not a part of God?  Though we are miniscule compared to it, so too do we see ourselves as miniscule to the observable universe.  We have it in our power to shape this world, both physically and socially.  Socially now, and physically in the fullness of time.

Imagine if dust defined the world.

Conquer Fear, and choose Death on your own terms.


  1. Today I saw a crow perching on a sunken telephone pole. Crows don't sound like the stereotypical "caw" you're familiar with, but this time I recognized it instinctively. "Thank you, thank you." For the first time in my life, I answered The Crow.

    Hello friend, I'm glad we could meet again.

  2. you should make a video blog,or VLOG. People might make it past the first sentence if youre cutie pie face was ranting.

  3. @Anonymous, I'd need a fireplace and a glass of wine for this doozy. Plus I can't afford a camera.

  4. A glass of wine? What a bougie idiot.