Thursday, December 15, 2011

To Be Continued...?

The Mayor spied on his own daughters.  What father doesn't.

The Boy From Out of Time had been misled when he witnessed her rape.  It was The Soldier who had silenced her voice... The Mayor's Man.  It was The Soldier who extorted Hershel The Jew.  He made his town wicked by proxy, for No Man would recognize that he violated Christian Pilgrims.

The Huntsman knew, but kept his silence.

Yet a little Imp has stained his hands the royal color of Purple.  To hide his shame The Huntsman must wear gloves of the blackest leather, for in his heart he knew that his sin was great.

The Boy remained in the woods to wait for his friend.  Alone.  Surviving on the fruits and berries of the trees, which lowered their branches out of sympathy.

One Day, The Huntsman sought game in the blackest heart of The Ancient Forest, where The Boy made his nest.

He could feel The Boy's sorrow.  And he knew that it was caused by himself.

He gave The Boy his cloak, so that he would not be naked to the elements.  He taught him to hunt, and to know the ways of swordcraft.  In time The Boy became his son in every way but name, for The Huntsman allowed the Man Child to name himself.

But Their Story had only just begun...

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