Monday, June 8, 2015

It All Matters

Every single second of every day,
From the moment you wake up
To the time you fall asleep -
You are witnessing causal manifestation.

Even before you complete reading this line
The World has moved on, and what you witnessed
No longer exists.

Everything that you see exists as a result of Nature
Or the Will of Man.

The odds that everything you see would be arranged
In the way that you see it, are incalculable.
Therefore it's a matter of fact that every thing,
Every moment,
Is wonderful beyond compare.


  1. Bradford Carter, I understand you live in Fayetteville, Arkansas now after moving there from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Did you have a residence on Rolling Hills Place by any chance, fatso? If I ever feel the need to cream your fat ass, I'll be sure to know where to look first.

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  3. Is this thing on?

  4. That was me asking,
    "Is this thing on?"
    Seems it is.
    Good (for me).
    Do it still be read?
    For some reason,
    I need to wright in short lines.
    I come back tomorow.
    Or some time soon.
    I hope.