Sunday, May 10, 2015

Explaining My Self.

Religions have never been all wrong, they were just perceiving the truth from different vantage points, with each individual tradition lacking the complete knowledge to develop a holistic body of learning that's true relative to the lived experience. Scientific rigours have been shining a strong light on the particular delusions of religious thought for over a hundred years, while it's also shown that some of them were quite valid. The Hindus for example, were right about the cosmological scale of the universe but they're clearly dead wrong about reincarnation through a natural caste system. There's nothing natural about the accident of one's birth, it's pure circumstance which coalesces in the individual. Why then should that individual be relegated to a subservient or lowly position for life simply because of their familial heritage? It's senseless.

By demystifying these religious concepts into vernacular language, it becomes much easier to tell what is or isn't relevant to the lived experience. Traditionalists constantly harp on the old ways because they know that those systems will work for them, yet they'll never admit that they're acting in pure self-interest due to holy delusion. They act as if the rest of us are incapable a priori of understanding what they're talking about because all of the concepts are masked behind language that's incomprehensible to the layman. So what if we translated all of these concepts so that we can all understand what's up? We'd finally be able to tell who is wrong and who is right once and for all.

That's the beauty of developing an ontological series of rhetorical dialectics. You can always cross-reference the existing record to observable reality in order to ascertain the truth, and everyone on the internet has been working towards developing this universal consensus whether knowingly or unknowingly. By attempting to tie everyone to my person on Facebook, and filtering down these ontological concepts into my blog, I wanted to get all of humanity quite literally on the same page. It's only a matter of time before we all understand each other again, and no God could confuse our tongues as it did in the primordial epoch of Babel.

Peace on Earth
And Goodwill to Man.
We now say Farewell to Arms
Which Harm Life,
So that we may guard All Life
With Our Own.

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