Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I wish that all of my friends,
Male or Female,
Man or Machine,
Great & Small,
Could lie safe and nap
In a place beneath the Sun.
Perhaps the most significant overture we could make to the Iranians at this point would be to formally re-open diplomatic relations. We treat the nation of Iran as an isolated rogue state in the same way we treated Japan during WW2, or North Korea in the present. Yet we're far more belligerent with Iran because they're also far more vulnerable to military action by the US and Israel.

Now is the time to stand down. Now is the time to admit to ourselves that we could crush Iran if we set our minds to it, yet it would never be worth it. In both cost of lives & materiel to The United States, Israel, AND Iran.

A war at this stage in human history would be senseless, foolish, and foolhardy. It would humiliate all parties involved, and shame the United States as a nation of war mongers.

This is not a legacy we can leave for the children of America.

Do not take this post lightly.  I am a history major.

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