Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Must Dissent

I could never deal with bullies.  I was always powerless while hidden away from the watchful eyes of adults, where the strong prey on the weak and avoid justice through plausible deniability.  So I withdrew from children and lived in a world of my own.  Being socially stunted, I was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome in high school.  I was medicated, but it never seemed right.  I couldn't keep up with the pills, and so I remain the same.

I wanted validation.  I wanted acceptance.  I wanted others to see me as I saw them, to love me as I loved from afar.  I wanted to be normal.

But now I am 26 years old, and I see that the world of adults is also run by bullies.  They set the laws, they deny responsibility, and the rest of us have no recourse to correct these injustices.

Who wants to be normal?  Normal people rape.  Normal people kill.  Normal people steal from those who need, while using their ill-gotten fortunes to ensure that only those who steal to survive are punished.  Why in God's name would I ever want to be Normal?

A lot of people have feared that I lost touch with society, but the truth is that I've never been more in touch with it.  Never understood it as I do now.  I find it abhorrent.  Its traditions disgust me.  So I reject its norms!  I reject its laws!  I reject the traditions which deny our dignity and our commonality for the sake of an eternal order which will inevitably fall! Because if it does not; if it can not; then truly we are in Hell.



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